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Netherworld's Edge Kickstarter is live!

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Check it out here!

Gary Hunt Miniatures and Zombiesmith have teamed up!

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Our first joint release are here!

There is a brand new link over there to the right for Gary's stuff! Check it out 

Gary will be shipping us new masters on the regular so expect updates often!

Here's the press:

WELLINGTON, New Zealand - March, 2015 Gary Hunt Miniatures is excited to announce a new partnership with Zombiesmith, the U.S. based producer and distributor of war-gaming miniatures. The scene is set for a re-release of the 'Fantasy Warr' range, followed soon after by the pulp sci-fi "21st Century Amazons" collection. GH mini's will be available from Zombiesmith this April, starting with the Fire Drake. In addition, Gary has many new and soon to be revealed designs in the works. Look out for Zbrush digital renders, workbench photos and more in the coming months.

"I'm really thrilled to be working alongside Zombiesmith," said Gary Hunt, founder of GHM.  "The partnership will allow me to focus fully upon producing new content for gamers and collectors. New miniature lines will join a whole host of future creations including, terrain, vehicles and rules sets."

New Zealand based Gary has been producing war-gaming miniatures since 1995. His first job was with Grenadier U.K. He has subsequently collaborated with Anton Ducrot (Sculptor and founder of Flytrap factory - recently partnered with Zombiesmith) on numerous projects. They stay in regular contact and can often be found sharing thoughts and ideas regarding both the miniature’s world and the film industry of which they are both part. Gary has worked for Weta Workshop as a Sculptor/Designer for 15 years now and has been part of numerous films such as Lord of the Rings, Avatar, King Kong and the Hobbit. He has also sculpted many of the Weta collectibles range.

U.S. based Josh Qualtieri of Zombiesmith has been releasing cool and quirky miniatures for almost 15 years, providing fun figures and energised rule sets. Joshua spent 17 years in Feature Film Animation working on such films as Wall-e, Brave and Ratatouille before deciding to make games full time. ZS teamed up seamlessly with Flytrap Factory last year and is excited about this new pairing.

Zombiesmith will take over production and fulfillment of Gary Hunt Miniatures within North America and Europe (customers within Australasia will receive orders direct from Gary Hunt Miniatures, New Zealand.)


New Stuff!

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War of Ashes: Shieldbash is now and forever only $25 for the printed version! Try out some Dark Age Critter skirmish gaming!

To celebrate this we are also now releasing the newest faction for Shieldbash, the Ki-kak!

There are several sets available:

A Starter, Command, Veterans and some nasty Critters!

6mm Quar: Royalists

Next up we have a second faction for the Quar in 6mm. The Royalists!

We have little tractors, and big tractors, kites, troops and specialist troops. But why not just buy an entire army?

Netherworld's Edge

Then, we got some super-mean Pirate Mice for Netherworld's Edge from Flytrap Factory. The Grimwater Pirate Raiders!


Get em here!

As always, if you have ordered recently we will try and take care of you!

We'll run this thing for at least a month, maybe a little longer as an apology for being late with it! 

New Releases!

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War of Ashes: Shieldbash

First up we have War of Ashes: Shieldbash! Shieldbash is a completely new skirmish system best played with 5-15 figures per side. It includes rules for all of the figures from War of Ashes: Shieldwall as well as adding ranged troops, cavalry and two new factions: The True Atronians and the Ki-kak! We could go on and on explaining it, but how about we just give you the entire rules chapter for free?

Rulesbash PDF!

We'll be posting a battle report and a quick intro video in the next few weeks.

We have put together Starter groups and other expansion packs for each race:

Elvorix, Vidaar, Jaarl, Kuld and introducing the True Atronians! (Ki-kak coming in the next few months.)

You'll also see new units for the existing races including missile troops, cavalry and new heroes!


Warfighter: Epoch 15mm sci-fi

 Flytrap's Epoch figures are here! 15mm stompy robot sci-fi goodness!

Platoon HQ, Squads, Mortars, HMGs, Rotary Cannon, the Spitfire, Tomahawk and Raptor!


15mm Quar!

New Crusaders! Scout Kite and HSG teams.

New Coftyrans! HMG Teams, RCO Teams and a Jeep.

A brand new faction: The Kryst!

We have also put together some deals for TQW 15mm starter armies.


Last week we also released the Warpod: Riggers. You can see them in the blog post below or go here.



Warpod: Riggers!

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The Rigger army!

Platoon HQ, Squads, Mortars, Commandos, Groats, Mules and Crabs!


Flytrap Factory and Zombiesmith!

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Flytrap Factory and Zombiesmith align efforts to bring you MORE FUN!
After several months of of working on the details, Flytrap Factory and Zombiesmith have decided to partner up! 
It's a great fit for us both. Flytrap and Zombiesmith have always had a very similar design aesthetic and grimsical style. This will allow us to work on some new projects together combing our strengths, and focusing our talents to make some really cool stuff.
So, what does that all mean?
First, we are very pleased to help cut costs for Flytrap Factory and make it easier for their loyal fans here in the States and the rest of the world to get their great miniatures. Zombiesmith will immediately take over all production and fulfillment of Flytrap's miniatures within North America and Europe (customers within Australia and New Zealand will still receive orders directly from Flytrap.) Starting in March, Zombiesmith will start re-releasing Flytrap's miniatures on a rolling basis. Scheduling for those products will appear after the New Year, so keep watch on our websites for full details.
Also, we are SUPER excited that this will give Flytrap Factory more time to focus on the parts of their job they really enjoy… designing the miniatures you love. Flytrap has a lot of great figures waiting in the wings and Zombiesmith will provide the resources needed to finally get them released! (You should see all the great stuff hiding on their workbench!)
Most exciting, though, is that because we both have such similar styles and tastes we can collaborate on some awesome new stuff! New figure lines, new rulesets and even terrain! Look for that starting mid next year.
For More information on Zombiesmith, visit: http://www.zombiesmith.com
For More information on Flytrap Factory, visit: http://www.flytrapfactory.com
For More general information, please email josh@zombiesmith.com or enquiries@flytrapfactory.com

This Quar's War PDF free, now and forever!

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Come see what this quar thing is all about!

Get it here.

Or from Wargamevault!


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