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If you have emailed us in the last few weeks and we have not responded, mail us again! My account has been bombarded with spam and I have found a number of emails among the wreckage that shouldn't have been spam. I am bound to have missed some! Apologies!

New Kami Tale!

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A new faction for Kami Tale! The forces of Moera!


Entering the fray in search of powerful ancient relics, the forces of Moera spring forth under the leadership of the High Temple.  This nation of foxes  will take what they believe rightfully theirs by force of arms and divine right.


Stay tuned for a lot more news soon!

Order them here! Or click the pictures below.

Netherworld's Edge and Fate of Agaptus!

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Netherworld's Edge is finally available on the web!

We kickstarted NE last summer: Kickstarter. Now get it on the web!
Sculpts by Anton of Flytrap Factory and Rules by Zombiesmith!
Click on Netherworld's Edge over on the nav bar, or click here!
Netherworld's Edge is a 28mm scaled skirmish miniatures game based on the award winning War of Ashes: Sheidlbash system! There are almost a dozen starters to choose from at $25 as well as add-ons for additional troops. The printed book is an affordable $15 or $6 for the PDF!

War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus figures!

Perfect for use with the RPG War of Ashes Fate of Agaptus from Evil hat!
Find them here.


New from Gary Hunt!

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Hadekine "Soul Destroyer" Demon

Available now and here!

Kairon Expanse's Thanatos Stars 15mm!

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The first 15mm figures from Kairon Expanse's Thanatos Stars range are here!

The Kraikon Powered Arm.


The Ison Powered Arm

This Quar's War PDF free, now and forever!

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Come see what this quar thing is all about!

Get it here.

Or from Wargamevault!


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Thanks for stopping by!

All figures are cast in lead-free pewter and are supplied unpainted.

We only accept PayPal or money orders.

All domestic US shipping is $5 and shipping to most of the rest of the world is $20($40 for orders over $200). If you’re not ordering much and the international shipping seems high, let me know and I might be able to charge you actual shipping. For the most part the $20 is a good deal!
If you need anything, feel free to mailJosh orAnthony!


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