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WoA Shieldwall and Shieldbash Free PDFs!

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Hey, peoples! PDF files for Shieldwall and Shieldbash rulebooks are now free from here on out. That should make all the pdfs of our rulebooks across all systems free! Print ones still cost monies. ;)

New 15mm Soldurios!

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Lonnie sends us some new 15mm Soldurios!



New figures from Gary Hunt!

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A whole slew of Barbarian Hyenamen! 

New Figures!

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We have some new JRPG Goblins from Davy:

JRPG Goblins

There is a giant pile of stuff for P:AH!

We have:

Jaloof Workers


A Koom Ambassador

A Batch of Third!

New Kami Tale and RPG Figures!

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New Kami Tale Rules and Figures!
Plus! Kami Tale: Opening Shots, a free PDF rulebook!
New RPG Figures!




Fantasy Warr Quickstart Rules (free!) and Starter sets!

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Beestwars  is a free quickstart PDF of our upcoming skirmish game designed for use with Gary Hunt's Fantasy Warr range. Beestwars is a conversion of our popular Shieldbash system, modified for Gary Hunt's awesome Fantasy Warr figures!

Please give these rules a try and send us feedback! They are very much a work-in-progress. We'll be updating them monthly with new fluff, stats, images and rules updates!

To coincide with this release we have packaged a couple of starter sets for the first two factions. One for the Clovis and one for the Geladan:

Clovis Starter Set

Geladan Starter Set

There are 4 new Geladan sculpts to pick up as well! These and most of the rest of the range are either supported now or will be very soon.

In time as the rules evolve Gary will be adding quite a few figures and factions to the range and we'll keep the rules updated to cover them!

New Kami Tale!

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A new faction for Kami Tale! The forces of Moera!


Entering the fray in search of powerful ancient relics, the forces of Moera spring forth under the leadership of the High Temple.  This nation of foxes  will take what they believe rightfully theirs by force of arms and divine right.


Stay tuned for a lot more news soon!

Order them here! Or click the pictures below.

This Quar's War PDF free, now and forever!

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Come see what this quar thing is all about!

Get it here.

Or from Wargamevault!


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