Crusade Year 10 (1771): The State At Present

The Crusader Army is fighting a war on two fronts, and is further extended by control of captured territory and suppressing insurrections. The Crusader Army is making increased use of penal formations, where criminals are sent into service rather than prison. This, coupled with retirement and loss of some key officers and veterans has diluted the fighting capacity of these armies.

The Royalist factions can be said to be unified in their opposition to the Crusade, but beyond that they share little in common.

All armies continue to rely on the conscript soldier at their core, just as they have for the last seven hundred years of the Long War. If there is any single image which captures the present state of the Quar race, it is the lone Rhyfler on the march, his rifle in hand. He marches as if carrying a heavy weight, towards an uncertain future.