1758-1760: The Republic of Tok

Endless clamor followed Alykinder wherever he went in Tok, with crowds strewing his parade routes with wreathes and fireworks. The Crusaders took the lower chambers of the Parliament, and some minor nobility began publicly allying themselves with the Crusader ideology. Alykinder was offered letters patent to be created a duke, which he politely but pointedly declined. When an unrefusable offer for enfiefment came from King Venk himself, Alykinder deferred to his older sister, and she was created the Viscomtessa Barromarch.

Duke Icho, who had arranged the political alliance with Kryst that had fallen to shambles as a result of the Hasty War was now the marginalized figure in the court. Those politicians he could count on were reduced to throwing up procedural roadblocks in session and various non-binding denouncements of Crusader principles. Though few in number, they made up for this in ardor.

The power of the king and the royal clan were gradually rolled back. Royal prerogatives were scaled back and the Chamber of Noble Lords were increasingly moved to a role as a ceremonial body. Ancient systems of taxation and courvee labor were dissolved, and the First Families were no longer accorded the deference they had once enjoyed. In 1760, King Venk was forced to accept a new national charter, recasting the country as a parliamentary democracy, with the king as its ceremonial head. For the first time in over a half-millennia, a major nation of the Quar was no longer ruled by a king.

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