A note from Anton from Flytrap Factory:

Ladies and Gents
Just a heads up to inform everyone that as of February 19th 2017 Flytrap Factory and Zombiesmith Miniatures are parting ways.

Since January 2014 Josh and his team in Oakland California have supported Flytraps product ranges and represented us not only via the Zombiesmith web presence but also at local US conventions.

In addition ZS and FF worked mutually to successfully complete a couple of key early Kickstarter Campaigns.
Zombiesmith also aided Flytrap in publishing the first book from Flytraps 'Netherworlds Edge' anthropomorphic saga entitled Netherworlds Edge: Keystone.

Zombiesmiths service has always been exemplary.

This decision has not been an easy one but with so much change within the industry and the economy these past few years, and I'm sure with much more still to follow, Flytrap Factory has decided to pull its operations back to New Zealand where its manufacturing outfit will once again step up to fulfill obligations both locally and internationally.

With change always comes opportunity and we look forward to continue watching Zombiesmith surge ahead with their projects whilst Flytrap focuses on doing our thing here on home soil.

Unless otherwise indicated Flytraps product range will continue to be available direct from Zombiesmith Miniatures until mid/end Feb 2017 so feel free to drop by and pick em up whilst they're still local. Once the date is reached that will be it.

Thank you Josh for three fantastic years.


Note that Netherworld's Edge figures will only be available by special order. Please email anthony@zombiesmith.com  to order any NE figures between now and February.