Rhyfler Struthio -Adam Pratt (painting and text)

Rhyfler Struthio, D Company, 116th Catrawd. Struthio is wearing mountainous terrain fatigues, signifying him as a member of a Forward Observation Unit, “The Creevin Heldivers.” Struthio’s uniform reflects the Creevin Heldivers unique role in securing high mountain passes. Lightly armored, and equipped with glare-cutting goggles and high density cannister bombs, these scouts played a pivotal role in securing the Craesil Pass, harassing the enemy and giving the regulars enough time to bring to bear. Struthio was killed in action in a skirmish outside the Temples of Bep. Beppian fanatics had poisoned the only fresh water source within many leagues, casualties were significant and the 116th were forced to retreat to the Beppian Lowlands.

Rhyfler Cerrito -Finn Kisch (painting)

Rhyfler Cerrito, H Company, 921st Catrawd the “EndGame”.

Yawdryl Moh -Chris Ruggiero (painting)

Yawdryl Moh, C Company, 921st Catrawd the “EndGame”.

A Squad, E Company, 13th Tok -Jon Atter (painting)
Pictured below are remnants of A Squad after having spent 37 days on the line. E Company suffered 60% losses but never gave an inch.
The 13th Tok, “D’Aston’s Boys” hail from the Planc region in eastern Tok, an area known for its breeding and racing of Keff.
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Milwer Hern and Rhyfler Rid, 45th Catrawd, “Thunder” -Matthew Grove (painting)
These pictures were taken sometime during one of the many house to house sweeps necessary to pacify Mol Vale in western Kryst.
The 45th is a noteworthy unit as it was one of the first raised from the lowlands of Craesil in some hundreds of years. Consisting mostly of farmboys and the descendants of Kee refugees it has become one of the most decorated units of the Crusade.
Pictured here Hern and Rid are about to ‘knock’ on the door of a dwelling.
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Legionnaire and Republican Guard of Toulmore—Nicolas Fantin


Legionnaire from the 7th Foreigner half-brigade. The famous Toulmore Foreign Legion was established by order of King Wendore The Conqueror. The toulmorian army of this time had been strained by very costly overseas wars of conquest, and king Wendore was in need of a cheap levy in order to pacify and garrison these new territories. The Long War often causes waves of refugees with no riches nor papers, and even less future. A huge potential for disposable new recruits. To ease recruitment, the legislator authorized enlistment by simple oral declaration. Within the Legion, you could put your past behind you and begin a new life. The legion wasn’t an elite corps at its beginning, but the fire of battle forged it into one as it was systematically used in operations where true Toulmorian regiments were considered to valuable. The survivors, often former criminals, exiled nobles or deserters from defeated armies (even ones by Toulmore !), passed their training on to the new recruits, and so began a centuries old tradition of self-sacrifice and battles fought against the odds.


Rhyfler from the Republican Guard 1st regiment (1st RGR), prior to the Conquest by Alykynder and the subsequent Restoration of the monarchy. Many new regiments were raised during the Toulmore Revolution, both as a quick means to stabilize the country and answer new threats from neighboring countries, eager to exploit an apparent weakness. As the Revolution was a very nationalistic one, new regiments proudly wore the colors of the Toulmore flag, in spite of the centuries old art of camouflage. The regiment, since renamed the King’s Light Guard 1st (1st KLG), still wear the same uniform, as it reminds the enemy of the bloody ferocity and fanaticism of the revolutionary army. All the regiments that still claim the revolutionary heritage are collectively called the « Red Trousers », as propaganda says that their trousers are issued white, but as soon as they put a foot in conquered trenches, they stain them with the enemy’s blood…