The Black Wolf, a new pulp-hero hero from Granton City Press will soon be coming to a gaming table near you.
An agreement has been reached with Zombiesmith Miniatures to bring The Black Wolf into the world as a 3-D gaming figure.
“When approached with the possibility of doing a Black Wolf miniature I was immediately intrigued,” said Joshua Qualtieri the man behind Zombiesmith. “It’s a great opportunity to test the waters of the pulp market for miniatures, and to work with a unique new character.”
Calvin Daniels, creator and co-author of The Black Wolf said having a miniature coming out to support the book, and new pulp book line is great.
“As an avid gamer myself, it will be a thrill to see our lead character sculpted in lead, and working with Zombiesmith we know it will be a great miniature because they have a reputation for unique, quality figures.”
If response to The Black Wolf miniature is as hoped for, other characters from the pulp world of Granton City Press are likely to follow.
You can follow the miniature’s progress here or at Granton City