The Jaarl 


The Jaarl are an enigmatic race that has hitherto kept to itself. They were said to be even more advanced than the Elvorix nation at its peak. To the Elvorix the Jaarl were a mystical race who built great wonders of machinery in their nation across the eastern sea. Traders often sailed to their great island rising out of the calm ocean, and before the Great Catastrophe the Jaarl would welcome the Elvorix merchants to their ports. They were allowed to trade freely, even though they themselves were not permitted to leave the docks to see the cities that rested within the jungle landscape. Their island rose dramatically from its white shores to a single point high above, a towering cone of green and white that disappeared into the clouds, the god-mountain Munarmanon. On a clear day it appears like a huge pillar pointed straight to the heavens. That is, it did until the Great Catastrophe when half of the mountain simply collapsed and ran into the sea, cast out by an eruption of searing grey ash and fire. The volcano buried half of the Jaarl nation in a matter of hours.
Their writings and language indicate a distant common ancestry with the Sentian races, though many also debate this point. Their physiology suggests only the most distant association, pre-dating the mythical bestowal of the first sword to Sentius. The Jaarl have a clear animosity towards the Elvorix and Vidaar, though the exact reason behind this intense hatred is unknown. Reports are clear however that their entire island is now no more than a smoldering mound of ash and slag, the only cities not wholly covered by volcanic material rendered unlivable by the noxious vapors in the air. Many assume that, despite their vicious tactics, the Jaarl have simply arrived on the Sentian continents out of mere necessity. They cite the documented instances of Jaarl farmers plowing land and planting crops within days of their initial landfall on Sentia, indicating a desperate need for fertile soil and available sunlight. Their entire surviving population now resides on their toe-hold of land on the eastern shore, their once great nation reduced from millions to a mere few hundred thousand.