The Kuld




The Kuld are an older race than even the Elvorix, having wandered the dank places of Agaptus for thousands of years before Sentius’s fateful day. The Kuld are estimated to outnumber the populations of the Elvorix, Vidaar and Jaarl combined at a ratio of nearly 4 to 1. They were once a peaceful race, gnawing on carrion and roots and pretty much everything other than rocks. Although the less intelligent among them have even been known to gnaw on rocks. As the great winter grew more and more bitter, the Kuld were forced from their dank homes to seek food in other places. They came in great hordes from the northern and southern reaches, consuming the grass from the fields and the trees from the ground. The Elvorix, already pressed with war in the east and south, were forced to contain the ravenous Kuld against their northern borders. The Vidaar also were unable to pursue their war of conquest against the Elvorix as their own flank became a struggle for survival.
The Kuld, as far as can be told, have no concept of borders or countries or anything really beyond the concept of ‘edible’ and ‘inedible’. To them the Elvorix (the ‘furry ones’ – a term that encompasses the Elvorix, the Vidaar and the Jaarl) are in the ‘edible’ category. What we know of their society we’ve gathered from their ‘etchings’- a sort of pictorial language they often leave on large rock formations. They create these etchings by regurgitating on the ground, then using sticks to slather their highly acidic bile onto the rocks. Over time the bile eats a few inches into the stone, also staining it a distasteful brown color, creating stark images in the bony granite. Translations are mere guesses, since no Elvorix scholar has been able to verbally communicate with the little beasties. 
Despite popular belief to the contrary, the Kuld are not a malicious race. They are simply hungry, and their once warm swampy homeland on the northern and southern wastes are now frozen glaciers. With no dead fish and swamp moss to consume they are simply pouring north and south, seeking other things to eat. The few scholars that have survived observing the creatures up close describe the Kuld as a jovial, family-oriented race, often playing and roughhousing with each other when they are not eating each other or regurgitating. (Apparently regurgitation is part of their typical digestive process – they are said to regurgitate and then re-consume the same food multiple times before it is fully digested).



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