The Quar

For nearly seven hundred years the Quar have been a race at war. Nations, states, and empires have risen, fallen, come, and gone through these ages of strife, a complex and brutal history that the Quar named simply the “Long War.” At various times Quar leaders have emerged and tried to unite the Quar peoples—inevitably, such leaders are deemed deranged and become the common enemy of a multitude of Quar nation-states. Although seemingly meek in their physical appearance, something in the makeup of the Quar render them unable to cooperate at a national level.

In recent years, a Quar leader has emerged who has successfully united most of the nation-states under his bloody banner: Alykinder the Mighty, a Quar of shrewd intellect and cunning. Alykinder brought the last of the Quar nations to heel, uniting Quar from the Syk Mountains to the Goseth Ocean. He maintains his rule with an iron fist, using ruthless security forces and redeploying malcontents to the numerous frontlines. Now, Alykinder and his Iron Regime stand on the precipice of total victory in the Long War: The two remaining independent Quar states—Fidwog and Coftyr—have begun to falter in the Iron Regime’s chokehold.

The Quar mindset doesn’t accept defeat and humility easily, however. Even as Alykinder strives to deliver the coup de grace to Fidwog and Coftyr, rebels within his conquered territories have begun to rise up in greater numbers and ferocity. Tales of a great rebel leader have gained hold, fueling both the growing Resistance as well as the defiant foot-dragging of recently conquered nations.

And so, the Long War rages on . . .

Sculpts by: Aaron Brown
Paints by: Anthony Brown
(No relation!)

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