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Crusader: Cavalry Wedge (15mm)

$ 20.00

20 15mm figures - 18 Cavalry and 2 Pack Animals

Just a few short years ago, the historians and pundits claimed that the age of the cadier was over. Between artillery, tractors, and machinegun bullets, only a fool would increase his profile voluntarily. The prevalence of siege tactics and stationary warfare had rendered the cavalryquar moot. Even if the enemy did attempt to sally forth, surely they would do so with tractors and lorries, not on cadierback. 

Then came Alykinder, and with him a newfound emphasis on mobility and precision war, two elements in which the cavalry feels particularly at home. No longer relegated to picket duty and light scouting work - even that being taken from them by the aeros - the cavalry experienced a rebirth virtually unseen before in the annals of the Long War. Even the stipulation that new recruits to the Wedges of the Crusade needed to provide their own mounts did little to stem the flow of new bodies, mad with desire to carry the Dinas and wear the jaunty peaked cap.  

 - from "The New-found Role of Cavalry on the Battlefields of the Crusader", a pamphlet by quars unknown

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