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Crusader: Snipers (15mm)

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 2 15mm Crusader Snipers

Nearly three centuries have passed since the landmark 1478 YC trial Basko Lleryd vs. the Kingdom of Craesil. After the Peace of Thanol concluded the Third Craesilian War, the Toulmorese rhyfler was put on trial by his captors for 'vile assassination and illicit targeting of enemy officers in direct contravention of the Laws of War'. The highly publicized, highly politicized showcase ended in a dramatic and unsuspected ruling - while distasteful and arguably less than completely honorable, the sniper's actions could not be satisfactorily classified as crimes against quarkind. A reasonably complete, if hopelessly biased account of Lleryd's exploits and the subsequent trial can be found in the Craesilian history Outrage on the Ulgyyn (Hallys Presshouse, 1503). Since that controversial ruling, the sniper has become an uncommon but powerful addition to most battlefields across Alwyd. Whether lurking in the plateaus and arroyos of arid Kryst or in the treetops of sultry Inishcol, no rhylfer, regardless of rank or position, truly feels safe. Some quar may question the philosophical and societal ramifications of these hidden killers, but none can question their efficacy.

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