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Kuld: Banners (Complete Shieldwall Units)

$ 8.00 - $ 35.00

War of Ashes: Shieldwall Complete Units

Build your army with these or add them to your existing starting army. A good place to start if you already own the $100 starter army is a Clobberers as more Trolls are always a good thing and a Smart Ones to bolster all you clever ur-Kuld troop bricks!


Agitated Blighter - Augurst and 3 Goola

Irate Critter - Augurst and 2 Goola

The Endless - 12 Kuld Bases

Clobberers - 2 Marhn and 4 Kuld Bases

Smart Ones - 2 Shuda and 12 ur-Kuld

Vomiters - 4 Shuda and 6 Goola

Creepers - 2 Guldul and 4 Kuld Bases

Variations of this product - All Miniatures Supplied Unpainted!