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Royalist: Rhyfler Company (15mm)

$ 2.00 - $ 18.00

45 Coftyran Rhyflers and Officers in 15mm

Note: This product now includes officers or you can purchase those officers separately!

Pictures of the officers coming soon!

The 33rd Royal Catrawd, Bywwl
Syrnol Myrt'n mir Leggre, commanding
"Twygyr y'Ggyttyr"
Over the score of centuries that the Wall has guarded the traditional northern borders of Coftyr, almost as many catrawds have claimed to be as old as that great edifice. Few of these assertions will stand up under any scrutiny at all, but the lineage of the 33rd Royal Catrawd is beyond reproach, as evidenced by its very name. Only the most decorated units in the Crymuster are afforded inclusion in the Royal Roll; in all of Coftyr's long history, there have only been 111 units so honored. 
The 33rd Royal began its existence decades before the Long War began, raised from bustling city streets and tunnels of Bywwl on the northern frontier. Even then the Maer Braech was a constant thorn in Coftyr's side, vying for control of the lucrative Marzolln region and the fertile alpine meadows of the Gllyss Morandi. Initially mustered to secure the construction sites and quarries providing the basic foundation of the Wall, the 288th Bywwl Catrawd quickly grew famous across the land for thwarting, almost single-handedly, an entire Maer Braechi army bent on destroying the fortifications before they could even be finished.  
The unit historian - who currently happens to be the very commanding officer of the catrawd, Syrnol Myrt'n mir Leggre - can regale interested kits and dynas alike with dozens of tales of the brave deeds of the ancestors, both before and after their addition to the Royal Roll. The dashing heroes of the 33rd only return home to Bywwl for a few weeks out of every year to refit and refill their ranks, a task the recruiting yawdryls say is as easy as fluffing the queen's pillow, thanks to their long and glorious history.  All a recruiter need do, they say, is walk into any bar, call out the 33rd's motto - "Twygyr y'Ggyttyr" - Ever the Watcher - and the lads line up ten deep.


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