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Thanatos Stars - Ison Mecha

$ 16.00

15mm (42mm Tall) Mutli-part Mecha



Prototype Powered Arm


A single pilot battle machine like it’s predecessor the Kraikon, the Ison Powered Arm brings deadly new technologies to the fore of the Raikan Empires relentless assault back into the galaxy.  The mech itself is slimmed down from the Kraikon and equipped with higher power anti-grav engines giving it an extreme level of maneuverability for its size.  Its armaments include a heavy reflector shield to compensate for its lack of heavy armor, as well as two heavy laser rifles for taking down armored targets.  

The Ison’s high speed and agility require an extreme level of awareness and skill to make use of, and thus is only assigned to ace pilots who have proved themselves more than capable of handling the task.  The rigours and strains on the body, even with an installed grav couch, make these suits almost as dangerous to their pilots as to their targets.  Even so, the Raikan Empire has decided the advanced mobile mech has proven its worth and continues to refine the concept in the hopes of producing a Powered Arm that can be spread across their full battle forces

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