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Thanatos Stars - Kraikon Mecha

$ 18.00

15mm (48mm Tall) Multi-part mecha.


Kraikon Powered Arm

Raikan Empire Hyperion Powered Arm Independent Asset

With deathly thumping strides the Kraikon propels itself forwards across the battlefield towards enemies of the Raikan Empire piloted by heroic and daring pilots.  With its roughly humanoid shape and proportions, the powered arm becomes something of an extension of its pilot, giving them a greater feeling for the battlefield around them than traditional self propelled weapons.  The Kraikon itself further specializes its design with battlefield utility systems such as the two legs attached to its back and a miniaturized anti-grav engine to right itself quickly should an enemy hit knock the war machine off balance.

The Kraikon is based on the Hyperion chassis powered arm and is primarily designed to fight heavily armored infantry and light vehicles.  Sporting duals sets of Helio Cannons, it remains a potent threat even as it sustains damage on the field.  The cannons themselves are heavily reinforced and up armored to provide them further use as last-ditch melee weapons or to knock over enemy vehicles.

Kraikon pilots must endure an extremely tight and closed in environment with one of the smallest cockpits in the Raikan Empire's arsenal.  This unfortunately cramped operating room is necessary as it allows the Kraikon to pack in as much sensor equipment and engine space as it can without becoming too heavy to operate sufficiently.  The pilots themselves seem to take pride in their confined battle stations and the level of independence they operate in on the battlefield.  They typically seek solitude even when away from the action, mostly only interacting with their commanders and maintenance crews.  Solitude aside, the Kraikon pilots can always be counted on for support where they are most needed in the theatre of war.


"To pilot a Kraikon is to become one with the machine."


The Black Sword

Rumor has it that this particular Kraikon is a curse to the pilot, but a blessing to the army.  Attached to the 119th Powered Arm Platoon, it is a beast only unleashed in the most dire circumstances.  Each time it has been deployed it has performed some unachievable miracle to help turn the tide or secure an objective, but always at the cost of the pilot’s life.  Some say that it sacrifices the souls of its pilots to perform beyond its capabilities, others that it increases the physical strains so much the pilot simply gets careless, still more that it's just nonsense getting in the pilot’s head causing them to act foolhardy.  The machine itself has been stripped, diagnosed, and rebuilt countless times, but nevertheless always seems to produce the same results.  The maintenance crew attached to The Black Sword have begun to call themselves the grave-diggers, knowing any pilot of the machine is sure to die.  Still, it is kept in service for the great fortune it seems to bring the Raikan Empire, even if none truly know how or why.

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