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The Hook

$ 15.00

Sculpted by: Brad Shier
Painted by Alex Nelson

Fluff by Pete McKenna

(7) figures. 21mm to the tops of their heads.

The Lands
The Lands are a soggy place, pressed on from all sides by wide rivers. Huge trees grow tall and wide, covering much of the ground in shade; even the riverbanks are crowded by pines and maples. Oaks grow in a huge ring near the center of this erstwhile island, and a narrow defile at the very center of that ring is holy ground. It is there that the Hard God resides, slowly rusting in the warm, humid air, it's sharp angles and gaudy paint gradually wearing away to nothing. Only a bright steel hook on a long arm still remains untouched by the metal rot, and this shining hook is the center of the universe for a diminutive group of creatures. 

The Hook
These creatures call themselves after the symbol of their god. They are all devotees of the Hard God, no matter what other differences they may have. In the first light of morning, when the sun's beams strike the hook directly in a dazzling display, every Hook is gathered in the glen, whether they be orange of skin, or green, or blue, or any of a dozen hues. Beyond the glen they will scrabble and fight each other, but it is law that none may strike another within sight of the Hard God. Once the sun has risen above the steep walls of the defile the Hook retire to their holes and crevices, for they are made of mud, and the sun will crumble them if they stay outside. At dusk, though, they spill from their hiding places to scour the Lands for three things, and three things only. Eggs, other Hook, and things to kill. Being mud they have no need for food or other, base concerns like reproduction or wealth. All a Hook has to occupy itself is the hunt, and they engage in it gleefully from dusk until the rising of the sun, when they all return to the glen for morning devotions. 

A Hook hunts for Eggs first, then other Hook - to erase the life-word from their heads and return them to mere mud, so long as they are a different color. Fratricide is frowned upon among the Hook, but they do not see the other-skinned as their brothers. Each color has it's own advantages over the others - Orange are slippery, Blue are most numerous and nearly impossible to see by night, Green form the hardest mud and are thus most resistant to damage, and so on. Even so, if they can find no one else to fight, any beast will do. Much of the fauna of the Lands is more than a match for even a dozen Hook, as they are no taller than a grown Man's shin, but they are sturdy creatures all the same, and by weight of numbers will drag down foes many times their size. 

The Soft God

The greatest prize in all the Lands, even greater than a cache of eggs of another color, is the Soft God. Unlike it's antipode in the glen, the Soft God - or, as the Hook sometimes call it, the False God - walks the Lands, never lingering in any one place. In it's wake are found new bundles of eggs tucked under rocks, within fallen logs, inside hollow trees - anywhere they will fit. The Hook, however, refuse to consider this correlation too closely; as far as they are concerned, their origins are mystery and the Soft God is a menace and must be destroyed. Countless plots and grand schemes have fallen to nothing, yet their determination remains constant. There is room for only one god in the Lands, and as it's people, the job falls to them to clear this False God out. 

The Eggs
In the footsteps of the Soft God new eggs always spring up; every Hook knows this, and seeks to take advantage. Each Egg is a tiny ball of mud, wrapped around a small piece of paper, and when the light of the new moon strikes them, most hatch. Not every Egg produces a full-grown Hook, though. Some are sterile. Some produce monsters, great muddy terrors that haunt the Hook just as they stalk each other. About half will become new Hook, each the color of the Egg that spawned it. For this reason, bands of Hook roam the Lands, melting the other colored Eggs before they can hatch. 

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